Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of the most asked question which are being asked continuously


We've gathered the frequently asked questions which are being asked by our customers to save your time

How much a website cost?
Regardless of the type of the service you want, we need to know more details about your project in order to identify all the details you need about your project including the price, and among these details and the most important is the type of project.
How can I get started with your company?
You can deal with us by requesting the service you want from the page below Get Started
How can I pay for you?
It's easy! You can send us the cost of the service you want by any money transfer company such as Western Union or any other companies, and you can also send the money to our bank account directly.
What does your company’s team consist of?
For each type of services that we provide, we have a specialized team to accomplish the tasks that are delivered to them by our support team, where there is a team of designers and experts of editing videos and images, with another team specialized in programming and maintenance of mobile phone applications and a team with high experience in programming websites and another specialist in the field of protection, vulnerability detection, and patching, etc.
What are your company's achievements?
We have carried out many projects for many companies, institutions, people and celebrities around the world, and you can check the list of our projects at the following link Our Projects
How can I get in touch with you?
You can contact our support team by following the link below Contact Us
How long is the projects implemented?
It depends on the type of project you need. It depends also on its features. Generally, we try to complete our projects as quickly as possible. We did not mention any delay in delivering a specific project to one of the customers who dealt with us.
How can we trust you?
The answer to this question will not be found by us, but by the people who dealt with us. We have worked over many years to provide programming, design and development services all over the world and to various companies, institutions, individuals and celebrities.
What is the price of your designing services?
The prices for designs (video or image) depend on the design itself. If your need is a video, this will depend on the length of the video and if it is just a picture, the price will depend on the contents of the image and the amount of effort that will be put into the entire process of designing this image to make it as requested by the customer.