Terms and Conditions

  1. The second party is obliged to pay no less than 50% of the amount agreed upon as serious evidence.
  2. The second party has no right to ask the company to cancel the contract and recover the amount paid after signing the contract drawn up between it and the first party without prejudice to the first party with one of the terms of this contract.
  3. The first party is obliged to send an inspection form for the project design for the second party after signing the contract and depositing the contract payment. In the event that the second party approves the design it is considered final approval, and in the event that it retracts the design, the first party is entitled to request 35% of the amount agreed upon to implement the project.
  4. The first party is obligated to deliver the second party the project in full on the specified date and the work period will be agreed in writing and start immediately the next day after the second party agrees to preview the design.
  5. The first party is committed to technical support for a period of 3 months that includes all the modifications that the second party requires, provided that it is not considered adding new features.
  6. During the period of 3 months from the date of handing over the project, the second party is obligated to notify the first party of all programming problems, if any, in the application based on his personal experience. It is agreed by both parties, and this condition applies to all other services.
  7. The second party is obliged not to sell his project to any other party except by stipulating that the company's rights remain under the application or pay the designating company the value of expropriation of rights equal to 100% of the value of the amount paid, and the company has the right to suspend the project if the customer strikes the rights without the consent or prosecution of the first party.
  8. The second party is obliged not to install unlicensed software on its own hosting because all company servers in foreign countries do not allow unlicensed software on their servers, and the company adheres to the laws of these countries and until this violation does not stop the company’s servers, the company will alert the customer to license or delete the software within a month and it is not entitled to the second party The objection one month after the action the company will take against the second party.
  9. The second party is obliged not to install any software that eats up the server's resources, and if there is any software that seriously eats the server's resources, the company will alert the second party to close the application if it does not do so.
  10. The first party does not bear responsibility for the damages to the site of the second party as a result of errors committed, and in the event of failure of the server from the first party, it is required to provide an alternative server until the return of the first server.
  11. In the event that the hosting period expires and the second party does not renew the subscription, we - the first party - are not responsible for the loss of the data of the second party and is not entitled to claim any data or backup copies except in the case of renewal for the previous period and pay all its dues according to the available plans and in the case of reserving the hosting and confirming the request Receiving data is not entitled to cancel the hosting after it has been opened and will continue to work until the contract period ends.
  12. The first party shall pay the compensation estimated by the company in the event the customer is not satisfied with the application while making the necessary amendments that satisfy the customer.
  13. The first party is obligated to inform the second party in the event that the company performs periodic maintenance operations, and the second party is not entitled to seek compensation from the company during this process.
  14. The first party does not commit any compensation to the second party if its site is hacked due to the customer's illegal and immoral practices.
  15. The first party is committed to a professional level in securing sites and software and providing high-quality applications, but the second party does not have the right to request any compensation in the event of a software error that caused the application to penetrate, but the company is committed to solving the problem because there is no 100% secure site.
  16. The customer does not have the right to refuse to place his application within the company's projects page on the company's official website, and if he insists on that, he must pay 100% of the contract value.
  17. The second party does not have the right to defame the GRE company in its employees or administration, and instead the customer has the right to go to the competent authorities to submit his complaint, knowing that defamation in any form gives the full right to cancel the contract and refuse to provide any service whatsoever to the customer With the suspension of the service and its non-operation, except by order of the court and after the issuance of an order stating that, the company may resort to suing the second party and requesting substantial financial compensation if this affects the reputation of the company and the reputation of its employees and causes them material losses in the market.
  18. The two parties are obliged not to defame each other in the event of violating any of the terms of this contract and whoever defames the two parties in any medium or on the Internet without resorting to the judiciary is obliged to pay the amount of 25 thousand dollars in compensation to the other party and has no right to object or request to reduce the amount of the amount.
  19. In the event that the first party completes the project and submits completely to the second party, the customer does not have the right to delay the payment of any debts to the company and the maximum period to pay the debt or the rest of the company’s dues is 7 to 10 working days and a delay fine of 1% of the amount due is paid for each day Delay after the maximum period allowed for the second party, and in the event that the customer does not pay the remaining dues of the company, The first party has the right to close the application and will not open it before paying the dues of the company in addition to the delay fines. The second is to object or sue the a company.
  20. The first party does not have the right to sell the same design for the second party, and in the event that the second party has the right to sue the first party and seek compensation, as for imitating the design from any other party, no responsibility falls on the first party.